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- Wagner ST8 280 hp shaft loaders, wheeled loaders (2 units)
– ST2500 shaft loader (3 units)
– 2500 ST shaft loader and pusher
– SR10 mini-transporter (10 units)
– Bobcat MT50 mini- shaft loader, height 1m
– MX 2000 multiple gas sensor for shaftworks
– Shaft equipment, ventilation system, 24-volt lighting, fire-proof batteries and charger for individual lighting equipment
– HDM 700 and 900 high-pressure ventilation system for shafts, any other diameters
– Air ducts for mine shafts
– Various compressors
– Various neumatic jackhammers and hammer drills


Shaft works  - CR10 mini-transporter

Shaft works – CR10 mini-transporter

Shaft works - ST2500 charger

ST2500 charger


Shaft works - MT50 Bobcat

MT50 Bobcat


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