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Blasting Works, Public and Specialized Works


It is one of the largest road works in the Département (territorial division). It is planned to be launched on January 10th, and expected to last last between 12 and 14 months.

Along RD118 on exiting Mazamet (towards Carcassonne), from Roc Vilain to les Barraques de Linoubre the Conseil Général (the regional authority), as  Project Manager, is to widen and amend the layout of a particularly winding and narrow mountain road.

The undertaking involves excavating 15 000 m3 of rock before applying projected concrete and covering it with stone lining.

The roadway will be widened to 7 meters and its layout slightly amended to  make certain bends less sharp.

The intersection towards Hautpoul is to be entirely redesigned. The thrid section of the undertaking will see Vinci Constructions working hand in hand with Noailhac-based MTPS.

The estimated total cost is 2,5M€, to be funded by the Conseil Général du Tarn. 

Access to the Mazamet exit on the highway will be closed to trucks for the duration of the works. Traffic will be realigned towards Castres via Revel. Light vehicles will need to pass accross Labrespy.



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