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Impressive roadworks on CD 31
at La Balmayrie de Melvieu

Impressive road work has been taking place since December on CD 31 (secondary road) in order to secure the cliff whose collapse impeded road traffic around La Balmayrie for several months in 2008.

Most of the work consisted in clearing out the rubble, "nailing" the walls and reinforcing the whole structure with concrete.

The rip-rap provisionally put in place last year, which used to extend across half the passage, is to be removed and built again along the road in order to allow traffic both ways again.

The work was entrusted to a Tarn-based specialized company which boasts impressive equipment as well as a team of over ten men.

The road works may be completed by the end of March if weather conditions allow and provided that no unforeseen events come to compound the difficulty of this uncommon and challenging undertaking.


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